Sabtu, 07 Juli 2012

You, Lately

Dear Scarlett,
Recently at breakfast, you've been asking me "Mommy, what you are eating, Mommy?" Sometimes later in the day, you say, "Mommy, what you are doing, Mommy?" I'm reading, I'll explain, or I'm making your lunch, or I'm trying to ignore you as you yell at me from 3 rooms away that you NEED an eye pillow while you're taking a nap. You don't use it to cover your eyes, in case you were curious. You just like to hold it.

We started our Italian classes today. For two hours each week, you and Dad and I will drive to North Beach and attend what is basically a preschool class with a small group of other kids and their parents. When the teacher introduced us all, she told the group that I speak a little bit of Italian. This was, how shall I put it...generous. Basically, I know none. But I'm working on it. By the end of class today, I knew the names of many animals, and I also knew how to say Be Careful (Attenta), Be Gentle (Gentile), and Hey, stop kicking that tunnel when other kids are in it (which I said only in English).

After two years of no television for you, Dad and I have relaxed a bit, and you now watch a few short videos a day on YouTube. Your favorites are The Skeleton Dance ("Bones are not scary!" you tell us) and Otter Swim Lesson, which was originally sent to us by Nana and is now an obsession. You like to narrate this one: "The otter doesn't want to go in the water! But Mommy says you have to swim! Then he dries off. Then he has to take a nap. Look, he's peeking out!"

On the actual TV, you and Dad have been checking out some sports: the US Open Golf tournament (which you referred to as "Holes"), the Tour de France (you spent time hunting for the polka dot jersey), and the run-up to this summer's Olympics, which begin in a few weeks.

The other thing that will be happening in the new few weeks is the arrival of your cousin, currently known as Spud. "Spud, come out soon!" you like to say. I think Aunt Shishie agrees with you, but everyone has to just hold their horses until we get back from our vacation next week.

After that, game on. Gentile.

Love, Mom

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